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custom guitar art

The Beatles Guitar
Widespread Panic With Saw Blade
Greatful Dead.2
Rolling Stones
Jimmy Buffett

The guitars are available exactly as shown OR fully customized for you!

Crafted from plywood, lasered and set onto a backboard of reclaimed wood.  These guitars are a one-of-a-kind, customized with your music selections.

Have a favorite band? Or maybe a favorite genre?
Check out the examples below but feel free to be creative and make this your own.
These make the perfect gift for the music lover in your life...or for yourself!

Other custom pieces

Looking for a custom design for yourself or a unique gift for someone you love? The creations below are just a taste of what's possible, meant to inspire you to come up with a unique piece of your own.
Contact me and let's build something beautiful together! 
(Information about custom design pricing below!)


Any sign or wood art piece you see on the website that is NOT customized is available for the price shown. When it comes to custom pieces, prices will increase depending on what you're looking to do, wood choices, burn time, etc. Below is an idea of what you can expect when ordering a custom piece of art, with a final price being discussed before the work begins. The only addition to that price will be shipping, which is different for every piece, based on size/shape and weight. Shipping options will be be discussed and you can pick the best method/price point for you.

Wood Burned Rounds- 15" & 18" 

Add-on or small change to existing design: +$15-$30
*Any change that requires a reorganization of the overall design for best fit= +$30. If you're just changing one word for another, add +$15

Custom Design: (wedding, housewarming, etc.) +$25-$50 above price shown.
*Based on amount of design time. If you provide a picture of what you want burned onto the sign/tray, the price will be lower. If you'd like me to come up with a design from scratch, the price will be higher at a rate of $30/hour. Once the design mock-up is completed, you may make one set of changes for free. Each change after that will be $10 per edit. Final cost depends on the details and amount of lettering/wood-burning/painting involved. 

Wood Mosaic Art- Multiple Sizes

Wood mosaics start at roughly $50-$60/square foot and will increase based on size, wood choice (barn wood, etc.), and overall design ( simpler designs vs. more detailed designs) PLEASE NOTE: Wood, especially barn wood is imperfect, which is really what makes it so great.  All wood can have nail holes, knots and other imperfections. If you are looking for a pristine piece of wood art, you should look elsewhere. My desire is to create one-of-a-kind pieces that have character. 

Thank you for thinking of me for your custom piece. Feel free to reach out to me via phone, text or email to clarify any of the above or to discuss your ideas or the perfect custom art piece!


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