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Shannon Jakoby

Welcome to the She Shed!


I'm Shannon. A Colorado transplant since 1999, originally from the Pacific Northwest. 

I'm somewhat new to the art world. I spent most of my life behind a desk, dreaming of a world where I was covered in sawdust, and now here I am. After 30 years in an office, I'm finally doing what I love, which is creating fun and unique wood art pieces, meant to bring beauty (and sometimes laughter) to any space you can imagine.

My goal is to find wood and materials destined for the landfill and give them a new life, so no piece is ever exactly the same. My mind is always looking for and dreaming up new and interesting ideas, so you'll find a little bit of everything here, as long as wood is involved anyway.


From wood-burned signs and trays to wood mosaics in every shape and size, and custom art designed specifically for you or someone you love, I put originality into every piece. Take a look around. I hope you love what you see. I absolutely love making it!

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